Posted on: September 25, 2021 Posted by: London Girl Comments: 0
Independent development studio Doublethink Games has launched Good Knight, the one-button bullet hell game on Steam, today. Good Knight is a butt-clenching arcade metal game influenced by games like Super-Hexagon, Castlevania, and Touhou. Use your agility and quickness to dodge bullets and battle in different mysterious hells against giant bosses.  In Good Knight, you only need one button because you only have one job: survive from the bullet hell! With this magical button, you are able to perform turn-around, attack, speed down, sustained attacks. The game features massive bullets, multiple camera angles, and an original metal soundtrack amongst many other exciting features. 
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FeaturesHardcore bullet hell with the minimalist operationMassive bullets; die from one hitOnly one button is required to complete the game.Mixed culture: Philippine horrors, history, and literature fuse with Greek storiesAtmosphere rendering inspired by Devil May Cry and Castlevania.Multiple camera angles: automatically angle switch follows game progressOriginal metal soundtrackInvite your friends to play with you! Online or in-person